Choose durian36 for all your needs

Often we come across shops and stores that provide our favorite fruits and vegetables whenever we need them. People either buy in bulk or break their visits to the stores. Now, with Covid-19 in place, everything is closed and people are relying only on the online stores. Even though it is slightly coming back to normal, some people prefer to use online platforms to get all the products. Food is incomparable and is extremely important for our survival. Here, we have durian36 which is a popular store in Singapore that is also involved in durian delivery Singapore. The store is there for more than 20 years and is the most reputed and reliable source for any kind of durian fruit needs.

Why should you choose this store?

There are many stores that have developed into online platforms where they provide delivery services. When we talk about durian, we also know of the health benefits it has. Although people in many places might not like it due to its smell, there is no doubt of the benefits that it provides to the body. The store was also previously known as Fruits Top 1 Department Store which is a well-established store for fruits.

Through durian delivery Singapore, people get the best quality durian and ensure the customers get superior quality fruits right to their door. They were also involved in events, parties, and buffets offering hand-picked durian fruits so that the customers are able to enjoy the authentic and real taste of the fruit. With this, they improve their business, increase their customer base, and are able to maintain a healthy relationship with their customers around the country.

If you are craving one, contact the store and get your hand-picked durian fruits delivered. They provide 60-min delivery upon the availability of slot which is the most popular among food lovers.