The Evolution of Zebra Barcode ScannerSystems

Barcodes are now observed in many areas being utilized by various industries and businesses. Initially barcodes were utilized only for retail purposes. Afterwards they arose to be utilized in many areas. As barcodes are accurate, easy to utilize, and gracefully uniform data collection and opportune comments, an increasing number of businesses have started to utilize them to enhance productivity and profitability. They are habitually utilized in manufacturing, warehousing, transport, retail, transport and many other businesses. Barcode technology is broadly utilized for asset management and tracking, health care, construction, and document management.

History of barcodes

zebra barcode scanner

The source of courier systems dates back to 1932. Since that time, many changes have taken place that have shaped the systems which are utilized currently.

Initial stages

The notion of zebra barcode scanner was first launched by Wallace Flint in 1932. He concocted an automatic checkout system to get a grocery store using punched cards that were placed in a reader. Inventory records were updated with this system.

Later in 1948, Bernard Silver along with his companion Norman Joseph Woodland researched a method that can automatically read product info. A ultraviolet light touchy ink has been utilized, which made patterns of ink that would glow under ultraviolet light. However, the method failed because of instability and costly printing patterns.

In 1949, a patent was recorded with them, named as Classifying Apparatus and Method. A symbol comprising arrangement of concentric circles was utilized by them. In any case, a description has been given on the symbology of the present linear barcodes.