home theatre projector

How to choose the best home theatre and projector in Singapore

To receive the best experience of cinematic magic at home in Singapore, all you need is a home theatre projector that is a high-end product and affordable at the same time. While shopping for an affordable home theatre projector singapore, you would need a little know-how on the features that makes it one of the best available. Here are some tips for you to choose the best in the lot within budget.

  • Go for the apt projector resolution

The more pixels a projector has, the better is the resolution and better picture quality. This also means, higher the number of pixels higher the price tags. Determine the resolution that would suffice your needs and shop accordingly.

  • Check the Aspect ratio

A projector must support the proportion between the width and height of the image. Aspect ratio is the proportion that determines whether the dimensions of the actual content are projected properly or not. A projector supporting one aspect ratio would give a distorted image.

  • Lamp projectors over laser

Lamp projectors are much cheaper and give almost the same picture quality. Thus, a lamp projector is recommended over the laser one.

  • Determine throw ratio

Throw ratio is the distance between the projector and screen, and the size of the screen. The thumb rule is for shorter throw distance like in a home, a short throw projector must be availed. Likewise use long throw projector for longer distances like that in any commercial space.

There are other factors like brightness, contrast ratio, imaging system and others to consider before indulging in shopping.